Jennifer Madden A Few Things I've Made

   View Source Chart (2005-Present)    US Patent 8,510,647 (Issued Aug 13, 2013) Continuation Application (2016-Present)    Promotional Brochure (2016)    School Fundraiser Promo Video (2015)    Logo Design for Web and Print (2015)    Snug-a-Belt (2014)    Fishing Lure Necklace (2014)    JavaScript Tutorial (2001-2004)    Dynamic HTML Form Validation (2002)

About Me

There have been many other technical and creative projects I've worked on over the years from remodeling projects to website virus remediation. I've worked as a college instructor and volunteered in school lunchrooms. I often toy with various business ideas, but the truth is that I love variety. Whatever I happen to be working on, I love to take ownership and give it my all. Lately I try to remind myself to swim with the current, not against it.