Here is an example of how to create custom objects and properties using the Constructor Function.

Usually you can get by with using JavaScript's built-in objects, built-in properties and built-in methods. But imagine the power in creating your own!

A few things to remember about constructor functions:
  1. Constructor Function names usually begin with a capital letter (but not always!).

  2. Variables defined within the function body use the "this" keyword. These variables become properties of any new object that is based on the function.
      function Table(){
      this.tableOpen = "<table>"
      this.trOpen = "<tr>"
      this.text = "This table was created with JavaScript"
      this.tdClose = "</td>"
      this.trClose = "</tr>"
      this.tableClose = "</table>"

  3. Constructor functions can be extended in two places: to another function or to a new object. In both cases, the extended objects inherit the properties of the function it extended.

  4. To reference the properties, append the object name with a period followed by the property name:

  5. Then write it to the page:

Now lets add an argument


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