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You may freely use any of the JavaScripts demonstrated in the tutorials on JenniferMadden.com, other than the script known as "View Source Chart" on both personal and commercial web sites, free of charge, and without posting credit within rendered text. However, users may NOT redistribute, sell, or repost for download any of the JavaScript found on JenniferMadden.com on any medium (CD-Rom, website, etc) without the expressed written permission of Jennifer Madden. All journalistic non-script content may not be redistributed on any medium without expressed written consent of Jennifer Madden. Use of the script known as View Source Chart must be licensed under the same license attached to the script.

To sum it up, while you may freely use my scripts on your site, you may not freely use any non-script content on the site, without written permission from Jennifer Madden. You may use the View Source Chart script so long as the use is consistent with the View Source Chart licens.