Setting Clipping Region with JavaScript

show clip values of purple layer before
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show clip values of purple layer after

Netscape 4.x allows us to access each property individually:

So to change the values incrementally, you only need to set a new value to each property:
document.layerName.clip.bottom += 0
document.layerName.clip.left -= 20

In IE and NN6 however, all four clip values are returned together as a string: so they must be reset together:
So they must be reset together:
document.getElementById(layerName).style.clip="rect(0px 500px 500px 500px)"

What this means to us as far as changing these values incrementally is that we have to break up the clip values string returned by IE/NN6 by concatenating each variable value into the setTimeout (see last code sample) string argument contained at the end of the closeCurtain() function.
layer.clip="rect("+topVal+"px "+rightVal+"px "+bottomVal+"px "+leftVal+"px)"

Then increment/decrement the values by any amount your heart desires:
bottomVal += 5
leftVal -= 20

Here is the complete closeCurtain() function which creates the curtain effect by incrementally changing the clip values.

**NOTE: this script requires the browser sniffing script from the previous section in order to function properly.
var topVal=0; //set these vars as global so they are not reset for each setTimeout call to the function
var rightVal=500;
var bottomVal=500;
var leftVal=500;

function closeCurtain(id) {
var layer = browser(id) //get path to layer depending on browser executing this code
if(layer.clip.left > 0){ += 0
layer.clip.right += 0
layer.clip.bottom += 0
layer.clip.left -= 20
} else {
if(leftVal > 0){
leftVal-=20;"rect("+topVal+"px "+rightVal+"px "+bottomVal+"px "+leftVal+"px)";
The reset function simply resets the layer's clip regions back to their original values. Pass the id name of the div to the functions when they are invoked:
<a href="javascript:closeCurtain('purple')">Thank you, goodnight!</a>

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