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Perspective Line


When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I attended a labor and delivery class. I was getting closer and closer to my due date and I was scared. At the end of the class, the instructor drew with a marker on the white board a basic time line - a single horizontal line with two small vertical lines on each end. She said the timeline represented the lifetime I would be sharing with my baby.

Then she drew a third small vertical line and said that line represented the baby's birth. She went on to make the point that the birth was only a sliver of time in the big picture.

Seeing the imminent from that perspective gave me immediate relief from the anxiety I'd been experiencing. My thought process switched from fear to excitement!

This is the idea behind the Perspective Line. When considered from a broad perspective, many frightening or undesirable events can be perceived as manageable.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed or consumed by fears related to a frightening or undesirable event. This tool attempts to recalibrate thought processes toward a healthier orientation by enabling a contextual viewpoint.

How To Use The Perspective Line

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