Version 2.6.02 10-17-2007
Improved the chart rendering efficiency while in tab view. Entire source is no longer written to the location field. Used content.document.write(); content.document.close();. Added more locales.
Version 2.5.03 7-22-2007
Improved the chart rendering efficiency while in tab view. Entire source is no longer written to the location field. Used content.document.write(); content.document.close();. Added more locales.
Version 2.6 11-07-2006
JavaScript code blocks (functions, for loops, if/else blocks, etc.) are now displayed in collapsible containers! Very excited about this!!! For sale only.

Version 2.5.02 11-05-2006
FIXED THE TAB BUG which has plagued this extension for more than a year! EncodeURI was the culprit - I had to use br tags instead of \n (couldn't use escape with \n because non English characters would display garbled). Fixed bug which would delete JavaScript in chart if user executed VSC on same page without refreshing or navigating to a different page first (I may be the only person who did that). Improved form tags and head tag formatting. Released free on addons.mozilla.org.

Version 2.5 9-24-2006
Now for the first time ever, JavaScripts are displayed within a chart!

Version 2.4.05 9-19-2006
Locales did not load properly, now they do!

Version 2.4.03 9-19-2006
Corrects a bug from Version 2.4.02 that appeared when opening a chart in a popup window (default). The bug prevents the collapse functionality from working. 2.4.03 corrects the problem. This is what happens when you have to test things yourself!

Version 2.4.02 9-18-2006
Includes Spanish, Dutch, Croation, Portugese, Italian and French language locales (via Goofy from babelzilla.org). Moved all style declarations into separate javascript file, "style.js", which in turn writes decs to the source chart window. This allows for easy script access, as well as easy css editing with Web Developer Extension. Body tag is now collapsible.

Version 2.4 6-03-2006
Made further enhancements to white space handling, placed styles in a style sheet rather than inline, and most importantly, text can now be selected (for copy/paste purposes) without collapsing a container.

Version 2.2 4-18-2006
Scroll-into-view collapsibility. If a container is collapsed from its bottom or side (the container top is out of view), the document is scrolled up and positioned just above the top of the newly collapsed container, enabling you to keep your place.

Version 2.1 4-15-2006
The Great Whitespace Monster is slain! Goodbye ugly whitespace, hello pretty source. Tab title now displays doc title, and the elusive tab choking problem experienced sporatically appears to have disappeared as well.

Version 2.0.04 4-07-2006
Now non-English characters written to charts displayed in tabs display properly! Did some garbage collection with data associated with collapse function.

Version 2.0 Development Build (.x) 3-27-2006
Changed Name to "View Source Chart". Now containers are collapsible and expandable! Swapped coloring for Tables and Paragraph tags. No more red text to indicate form tags and their contents. Head, script and style tags now have dashed, collapsible borders.

Version 1.5 1-6-2006
Added Support for definition lists, tr, th, caption, thead, tfoot, tbody, underline, font and center tags. Bolded the title tag. Some container tags which were previously blockquoted, no longer are. This removes unwanted vertical spacing, improving side-to-side chart reading and allows more element layers in the viewport.

Version 1.3 10-30-2005
Added Support for Doctype Tag. Works with all 18 doctype examples from w3.org. HTML tag and its attributes are also newly included.

Version 1.2.03 10-13-2005
Fixed a Fx bug which ignores title text.

Version 1.2.02 10-12-2005
Currently available only on this site. Updated for Firefox 1.5 Beta 2. Sleeker look - borders are 1 pixel instead of 2. Put a border on span containers. Moved frameset (and all window.top documents) VRSC invokation from the Tools menu to the View menu.

Version 1.2.01
Changed default VRSC display setting to open in a regular browser window.
The XUL window has been replaced with a popup browser window. XUL window proved problematic in many ways, mostly involving loss of functionality in 1.5 Beta:
user could not decrease or increase text size using keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl + +" and "Ctrl + -", which allows user to zoom in and out of a rendered source chart.
User could not employ find functionality within window with "Ctrl + f".
User could not close window with "Ctrl + w".
User could not use wheel scrolling.
XUL window would sometimes become frozen, leaving user unable to close.
Using a regular browser window allows for all this functionality and more.
Using a browser window also means one new window per window is opened. This is more efficient than the required work-around for a XUL related bug in 1.0.6, which required the XUL window to be closed and reopened by the script each time it executed.
Firefox 1.5 Beta now allows user to view multiple tabs in a popup browser window, making it easy for user to toggle between multiple tabbed windows. The "Ctrl + t" issue is obscure!

Version 1.0.02
Changed default VRSC display setting to open in an XUL window. Updated for Firefox 1.5 Beta 1.

Version 1.0.01
Now VRSC is compatible with the Platypus extension! Platypus author Scott Turner also added the option to open VRSC source in a new window or a new tab. If your non-English characters are garbled, opening VRSC in a new window will correct that problem. VRSC is licensed under GPL.

Fixed frameset document bug. Added frame and noframes tags formatting.

Little buggy-boo with image styling. Nixed image style until a solution can be found.

Added styling of images and definition lists. Source is displayed in a tab instead of a new window. Works with Deer Park Alpha 1.

Fixed a little bug which could potentially cause uncommented HTML to be altered like its commented HTML twin.

Added color coding for blockquote and paragraph tags, changed background color of and indented list tags, and added dotted border around td tags. Commented tags are no longer styled and/or colored as anything other than commented text. Woo-hoo!

Version 0.9.9
A well meaning and otherwise sensible gentleman volunteering as a Mozilla Extension reviewer made a meathead decision based on a hair-brained, what if scenario. This decision essentially forced me to open the VRSC window in a regular window. Hence, 0.9.9.

Version 0.9.8
Included Mac and Unix in the "Unwieldy HTML has been corralled! HTML is now formatted quite nicely in the VRSC window. VRSC officially kicks butt!"

Version 0.9.7
Unwieldy HTML has been corralled! HTML is now formatted quite nicely in the VRSC window. VRSC officially kicks butt!

Version 0.9.6
Now you can launch VRSC view of the frameset document anytime by selecting "View Rendered Source" from the Tools menu. In version 0.9.5, you could only launch it if you had not first clicked on a frame.

Version 0.9.5
Now you can view rendered source of individual frames just by right clicking on the frame, then selecting "View Rendered Source". To view the topmost parent frameset document's source, select "View Rendered Source" from the tools menu (before clicking on any frame). Only allowing source view of the parent frameset from the Tools menu is a deliberate User Interface decision: this method bypasses having to add another submenu to the right click menu, which would have forced the user to make 2 selections in order to access VRSC.

The chosen method is intuitive and provides the quickest access to VRSC for the more frequently sought frame document, while still providing easy VRSC access to the parent frameset document.

Version 0.9.4
Added line breaks: now VRSC auto-wraps text following white space.

Version 0.9.3
Added border and margin around tables to delimit nested tables. This is great for templated sites which use a lot of nested tables that are split up into many template files (like phpBB).
Simultaneously squashed bug which would cause loss of table styling when mixing nested tables with nested divs.

Version 0.9.2
Added border and margin around divs to delimit nested divs.
Resolved Conflict with Tabbrowser Extension.

Version 0.9.1
Cuted up with color-coded HTML Source!*
Replaced JavaScript with script markers (see screenshot) to make reading the rendered source easier.

Version 0.3.1
Now super fast!
Supports "<" and ">" character entities.

Version 0.2.5
Fixed bug which duplicated all source in the body.

Version 0.2
Writes rendered source to a new window - makes for easier scrolling and enables use of browser's Find feature.

Version 0.1 Released 4-29-2005
Writes rendered source to a textarea in a new window.

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